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Neighbors Fear Baked Goods Deprivation With UWS Pool Plan

Turkish millionaire Ragip Ersin Akarlilar bought the townhouse at 51 West 83rd Street for $4.3 million in 2008. Now that he's all settled in, he has big plans for the place: a pool and three-story steel deck in the backyard. There's just one problem?the neighbors, who are determined to fight the addition. The Landmarks Preservation Commission will be considering the proposal tomorrow, and in the meantime, neighbor Jonathan Stuart?who, the Post feels the need to point out, runs a lingerie company called Only Hearts?is doing everything he can to convince the LPC that the yard, not just the townhouse, is landmarked, and that the steel deck will ruin residents' backyard views even if it's not visible from the street. Oh, and Stuart's a little bit bothered by the fact that "an apricot tree that straddles his and Akarlilar's yard will be destroyed. He submitted a picture of an apricot crisp he baked as evidence to the LPC." An actual apricot crisp might have helped more.
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