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1,000 Feet is Now the Magic Number on 57th Street

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Not content to let New York by Gehry hang onto the tall building spotlight for too long, there's an update today on One57, the 57th Street Extell-developed megatower that will probably be starting sales this fall. Twenty-two of 90 floors have been built for the 1,004-foot building, according to the Journal?and since New York by Gehry is only 870 feet tall, One57 might take away the "hemisphere's tallest" crown. The state attorney general's office has already approved sales, and there are contracts out, at prices of around $5,000/square foot. And for whatever doesn't get sold, Extell has an insurance plan: an Abu Dhabi government fund has promised to buy any unsold condo units.

If they do all sell, there will be two other 1,000-foot-and-up options nearby. There's the recently-resurrected, 1,050-foot Tower Verre, which will include residential units. Then there's the former Drake Hotel site, which has the rights to be at least 1,000 feet tall and could include luxury condos. Will there be that many takers for high-end, high-up real estate in Midtown?
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Tower Verre

53 West 53rd Street, New York, NY