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1280 Fifth Avenue Gets Its First Combo Unit, Just Shy of $4M

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1280 Fifth Avenue is on a roll! First Penthouse B sold for $3,100,000, at $1,735 per square foot. Now we get word that a couple (from Tribeca, no less!) has purchased units 8B and 8C to create a 3,200 square foot unit with 3 bedrooms with a study and 4 baths. And how much did they end up paying for their East Harlem paradise? Well, the two units were listed for a total of $3,844,450 ($1212 per square foot) and we get word that they paid a price "very close to that number." The buyers got Michael Fahey to do the interiors, but unfortunately no interior shots as of now.

The couple provides a testimonial explaining their move:

We decided that we would relocate uptown from Tribeca where we had lived for the past 18 years because we have a country house in Connecticut and the traffic coming from downtown added 40-90 minutes to the trip. Having seen 1280 Fifth Avenue, we fell in love with the views and the proximity to Central Park and the neighborhood is quiet which was also appealing. · 1280 Fifth Avenue Coverage [Curbed]

1280 Fifth Avenue

1280 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10029