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Open for Business: Cheesegrater, Meet Meatpacking

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The Cheesegrater lives! Hotelier Vikram Chatwal's latest, a metal'n'Swiss sandwich more formally known as the Dream Downtown Hotel, is now open for business. To recap, the hotel renovation packs 316 rooms into 11 stories, costing McGowan Builders $98 million for all that interior demolition, tower expansion, the new curtain wall, as well as a swimming pool suspended above the restaurant with a transparent acrylic bottom. Room rates for this weekend start at $305 for a double, $360 for a king, and a whopping $4155/night for a duplex suite with private hot tub (naturally).

We've got some new photos, including a pool shot that does, to be fair, reference a nautical port-of-call more than kitchen prep.
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