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Spruce Street School and Gehry Getting Psychedelic

The new and colorful Spruce Street School opening this September in the orange brick base of the trippy tower called New York by Gehry is getting some some mind bending imagery of its own. Brooklyn-based artist Mark Dean Veca, a "purveyor of prehistoric magic," is painting an Escher-esque mural of trees and sky across the upper walls of the school cafeteria, wrapping around the room above the lunch counters. The work is in Veca's signature phantasmagorical style mixing '70s comic books and pop culture visuals, AKA Bambi by way of Zap Comix on Spruce Street.

The commission for the mural was granted four years ago and now, after some stops and starts at 8 Spruce, the time has come for the paint to meet the wall. When asked if FOG was involved in the mural selection, Veca said he's only seen the Gehry-meister from afar, while he was on site checking out the the building. The mural in progress is about half done, and should be complete within the next two weeks. Meanwhile Veca's work can be found around town on fashionable feet and boards by The Hundreds. The artist in action is visible through big windows along the little plaza now getting laid with pavers on the corner where Spruce meets William Street.
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New York By Gehry

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