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W.B.N.B. Unveiled: Wythe Avenue Lofts, Coming Soon

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Let's have a drumroll for our W.B.N.B., revealed to us as the Wythe Avenue Lofts, a "high-end rental set to launch leasing next month." Williamsburg's Blandest New Building was called out by a tipster as a "stillborn pile of nothingness" and a "parody of cookie-cutter Williamsburg condos." Another tipster chimes in with the rumor that "all four corners at that intersection are designated 'Little E' sites" chockablock with "hazardous materials."

The four-story, 20-unit building is the sister building of putt-happy 175 Kent and hits the market next month via We'll hold our judgment 'til we spy the interiors; in the meantime, amuse yourselves with this descriptor from the broker: "The Williamsburg waterfront district gets a bold new architectural landmark with the Wythe Avenue Lofts. This new rental development combines a sought-after location with a sleek modern design to create the ultimate urban lifestyle." As for the design, including the "custom aluminum panels with double height windows," you can thank Meltzer Mandel Architects.
· Official site: 224 Wythe []
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