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Alec Baldwin's Central Park West Pad For Sale, Asking $9.5M

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After a tease this weekend, it looks like actor/future mayor Alec Baldwin's pad at the El Dorado on Central Park West is officially for sale. As mentioned, the place is asking $9,500,000 for its 3,000 square feet with 3BR, 3.5BA and a staff's quarters. It's got some nice views, being on the 22nd floor but we actually feel like the place could use a little updating. But then again, there aren't really that many listing photos for us to work with here. Step up your Baldwin game, Corcoran! You're going to need 50% down to pick up the place, so anyone with a spare $4.75M lying around might want to take a look and try to mingle. Oddly enough, when talking about the Upper West Side to the Times just on Monday, Alec said "It is more real...There’s old people, it’s ethnic and it’s economically mixed. It’s not a little kind of jewel-box, privileged pocket of the city like some neighborhoods are.” We beg to differ!

· Listing: 300 Central Park West Unit 22-G