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Pricechopper: 15 CPW Edition

So it's come to this. Back in '07 unit 3E in 15 CPW was picked up for just a hair shy of $5M, not a terrible price for a 2BR 2.5BA 2,100 square foot unit in the building, at least in comparison with resale prices. Naturally the owners put it back on the market asking $8,500,000. Not a modest profit we would say, but resales in the Limestone Jesus are like that. And then it....didn't sell. And now it's relisted with Corcoran with a shameful pricecut to $8,250,000. Not an egregious pricecut, but perhaps enough to stir up some interest. Bidding war! [Corcoran]

15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023