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Big Reveal: Landmarked 3-BR Loft in Chelsea?

And now, the results of this week's PriceSpotter asking price guessing game.

Location: 130 West 30th Street
Asking: $1,999,000
Commenter consensus is in: great apartment, terrible location. Alternately called "Penn Station South" and "nosebleed Chelsea," the 3-bedroom loft is on a nice block in an otherwise not ideal neighborhood, only a few blocks away from Madison Square Garden and the 34th Street budget retail corridor. If you can overlook that, it's quite a bargain at $1.999 million—most guesses put it in the $2.3 to $3 million range, though Downtown Snob hit the nail on the head. Guest #17 also weighed in with a few historical factoids of note: "It was the last building that [architect] Cass Gilbert designed, it's in his late period (early Deco Assyrian midtown). It looks like a lot of the fur vault era buildings- late industrial loft without any interior details or charms but concrete v. wood for those who are sound sensitive."
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