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The Best NYC Apps Proposed at Big Ideas

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The New York City Economic Development Corporation recently invited proposals for its Big Ideas competition, where people can propose their (big) ideas for apps which improve life in the city. The winner walks away a Benjamin, never-ending glory and pure self satisfaction. We parsed through the best, and here are our favorites:

· Allow residents to rate their building’s owner, management co., landlord, even brokers and lets interested renters browse those ratings (Bud Caddell)

· Tell someone when the next subway car is to arrive at their station, before they go underground (Stephen Mellert)

· Has a visual, color coded map of all street parking rules, regulations and street cleaning schedules (Will Turnage)

· Provide an open API to all MTA transit information, schedules, delays, and current locations of trains and buses (Kyri Sarantakos)

· Let you ‘like’ or rate any street or block in the five boroughs (Carlos J. Gomez de Llarena)

And the rest, here.
· NYC EDC Presents Winners of Big Ideas, the Big Apps for Norms [NYO]