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Inside 20 Pine's Armani/Casa Interiors, 30 Stories Up

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The full-service luxury condo conversion at 20 Pine: The Collection was completed two years ago, but a new marketing push is in the house courtesy of Warburg (replacing the deposed mega-realtor Michael Shvo). We have to say, the Armani suit enveloping the residential tower looks sleek and sophisticated, exactly what you would expect from a American Pyscho-bred investment banker's home roost or, say, a thriller starring James Franco.

We toured three units for sale (out of 46 units on the market) and the amenities level with Warburg Sales Director Deborah DeMaria, who also lives in the hallowed halls of 20 Pine. (Along with actor Nelson Ellis, better know as Lafayette on HBO's True Blood, who also joined the broker-iffic tour. Scream!) As expensively finished as the apartments are—despite the curious lack of closet space; not a single closet in the penthouse unit and two small ones in the studio—it's the over-the-top amenities that appeal. We're talking 24-hour Quintessentially global concierge service, daily breakfast in the club lounge, a 60-foot lap pool inside an old bank vault, unbelievably gigantic steam room, warming pantry (AKA caterer's kitchen, available for rent), library, and oh yes, that golf simulator and private subway entrance.

Unit #2503, $925,000

Unit #3104, $2.35 million

Unit #PH12, $2.8 million
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20 Pine Street

20 Pine Street, New York, NY