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DoBro Bestseller Be@Schermerhorn Now 100 Percent Sold

The Germans' Thanksgiving gift to Brooklyn in 2009 was the rescue of be@Schermerhorn, the Downtown Brooklyn condo building that returned buyer deposits and then added to its shame with a stint on the stalled sites list. By December '09, German-backed investment firm Jamestown Properties had resumed construction, and the building returned to market in May 2010 with price cuts averaging 26 percent. Congratulations are in order, because the building (the city's top seller in 2010) has officially sold out. Which we suppose means this is the last hurrah for our zombie building pic. And hey, only 650 arrested sites left to go!
Judging by the recent closing prices, a little more PriceChoppage was needed to close deals:

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189 Schermerhorn St

189 Schermerhorn Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201