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15-Room Fantasy Eldorado Floorplan Sells for $13.25 Million

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Lots of listing action at 300 Central Park West's Eldorado this week: a 6BR spread hit the market for $13.95 million on Tuesday, and Alec Baldwin listed his his $9.5 million pad yesterday, giving new life to long-running rumors of his housing hunt. But how about a sale, Eldorado? Actually, the building will provide! The 15-room, 14-window potential combo of 7F and 7G, which came on the market in March and was partially repped by Lil' Shvo 2.0 Oren Alexander, has found a buyer. (The possible future floorplan is above.) The final price?the sale is set to close today?will be $13.25 million. We hear there was a bidding war, even with the "bring your architect!" label on 7G.
The two units' separate floorplans:

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