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1 N. Moore Drops Its Net and Shows Off Some Bricks

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The new stack of condos at 1 North Moore, just across from Tribeca's pricey suburban mansion, has dropped its netting and is showing off some very nice brickage. Previously known as 240 West Broadway, these nine stories were originally designed with a modern metal facade, but after the financial stall it was bought up by developer VE Equities and re-imagined by the architecture team at Flank Architecture in a more traditional (read: nostalgic) mode. Out front detailing abounds, the articulated surface showing a running bond of multi-toned bricks. Big windows with marble sills are surrounded by a framework of bricks set to catch shadows. Just six homes are tucked inside, found at Prudential Douglas Elliman and now starting at a pricey $6,000,000.

Way up top sits a ginormous triplex penthouse with over 2,000 square feet of outdoor space. There the exterior brick is less old timey Tribeca and far more modernly restrained, somewhat reminiscent of that new downtown school by Frank Gehry. But bricks, new or old, will seem insignficant when lolling in the PH's private rooftop pool, where downtown views will dominate. One full floor unit down below covering 2,800 sf was grabbed for $5.3 million, but another 4BR, 3BA unit is now available. Who needs the sleepy suburbs when Tribeca luxury living is so close at hand?
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