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Inside Chelsea's Wacky Steampunk Apartment

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Photos by William Weber.

Inviting sci-fi fans, prospective apartment buyers, and Curbed editors alike, CORE's open house party last night for the 1-BR neon steampunk apartment in Chelsea did not disappoint. Combining ship doors, cast airplanes, whirligigs, zepplins, steam pipes, your dad's tool set writ large and a piranha-like skeleton rocking grill'z is the physical realization of a screenwriter's dream, and a New York real estate stalker's wet dream. The listing also caught the eye of a Dr. Grim, author of "1000 Steampunk Creations," who will be making an appearance on an upcoming episode of HGTV's Selling New York along with the gang at CORE.

The current owner of unit #2 is an unassuming Hollywood screenwriter who painstakingly outfitted the space with otherworldly details. A 32-foot model of the infamous Hindenburg blimp changes color and lights the living room. The bedroom ceiling is draped in what looks like steel trusswork and construction dropcloths, symbolizing the climax of the screenwriter's "story" when the zeppelin meets its maker. This has got to be New York's most bizarre (but creative!) bedroom.

The floorplan:

—Reporting and photos by William Weber.
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