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Rumble on Central Park West as $15M Beresford Unit Hits Market

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It's been one hell of a week for Central Park West. First we hear about Alec Baldwin's unit at the El Dorado hitting the market for a cool $9.5 million. Then, in the same building, a $13.95M behemoth arrived on the market. Well, Central Park West's Castle aka the Beresford won't take this lying down. A 4 bedroom 4 bathroom unit just got listed asking $14,700,000. It's about as old-school classy as you'd expect with some pretty nice, but not terribly high up, park views. So what say you, this Beresford unit or the El Dorado's largest unit?

· Listing: Beresford [Sotheby's]

The Beresford

211 central park west, New York, NY