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Gold Coast Townhouse Wants $12.5M, Also Asks For a Reno

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Super pricey townhouses are no new thing to Greenwich Village, just ask Sarah Jessica Parker or the ghost of Malcolm Forbes. And in this tradition arrives 27 East 11th Street, a 7,000 square foot townhouse between Fifth Avenue and University Place. It's actually significantly cheaper than the aforementioned townhouses, at $12,500,000. The reason for this? Well, the listing says "Currently configured as four, free-market units, 27 East 11th Street poses an excellent opportunity to convert back to original single-family form with grand proportions in width and ceiling height throughout." Looks like we've got a renovation on our hands! Think you'll be getting a deal for a 25' house of this size on the gold coast? Oh well, it's a bargain compared to that super-powered healing townhouse at least.

· Listing: 27 East 11th Street [Leslie J. Garfield]