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So, Is the UWS Really The Most "Middle Class"?, Alec Says Yes

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It seems like Alec Baldwin's potential mayoral run has really put the spotlight on his $9,500,000 pad at the El Dorado, and it's not unnoticed by Mr. Donaghy. In a piece in the Huffington Post, he fervently defends the supposed middle class virtues of the Upper West Side. It begins with "The Eldorado, covering any entire CPW block, is "tailpiped" along the north side of 90th Street and the south side of 91st, by public housing. The Upper West Side, particularly above 86th Street, has a lot of public housing." It goes on to say "But in terms of what I see, day to day, in Soho, TriBeCa, Upper East, Chelsea, the West or East Village, Flat Iron, the UWS is more middle class than any of those areas." It seems like a futile argument to make, especially with the swirling rumors of his possible downtown move. If we were Baldwin, we'd probably write an editorial titled "Yes, I've Made Good Money As a Celebrity, but Have You Seen How Much That Bloomberg Guy Has?"
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