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A Tale: When the Lower East Side Sprouted the East Village

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Here's an interesting read for this rainy Sunday, coming straight out of the vaults. EV Grieve just took a walk down memory lane, recalling a New York article from way back in 1984 about the Lower East Side entitled "There Goes the Neighborhood." It's a pretty fascinating tale of the 'hood in the thick of gentrification, including Harry Skydell's dream to own the then-dilapidated Christodora on Avenue B. How much did the building sell for? In 1975, someone picked it up for $62,500. Let's just take a moment to reflect on that. Sigh.

Our favorite quote from the piece? "I've lived in my rent-controlled apartment for years and pay $115 a month. I live on the Lower East Side. The young kids who just moved in upstairs and pay $700 a month for the same space -- they live in the East Village." You can revisit the entire piece here.
· Flashback: The Lower East Side: There Goes the Neighborhood [EVG]