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Is 15 Union Square West Looking A Little Shady These Days?

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Rebooted new condo building 15 Union Square West got some practice handling an insult after a harsh World Architecture News review last year (not to mention the Curbed comments when the scaffolding came down). So surely the building can handle this latest critique from blogger Restless, who doesn't like the window shades:

After all the hype about showcasing the original structure of 15 Union Square West?sure enough you can't see any of it. What you can see is the standardized white window shades installed half way up...
Here they start out with a swank design for a smoky see-through building, and just lately, years later, figure out that they need to standardize the shades to hide the individual piles of crap within -- so the window shades are now the strongest element of the design. And I would guess their shades cost a lot more than mine ($7 each, I think). Any 15 Union Square West defenders want to come out of the woodwork here?

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