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40 Gold Leasing Update; 90 Washington Renters Can't Leave Keys

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FINANCIAL DISTRICT?It's been a few months, so let's check in on newish FiDi rental building 40 Gold. According to a press release, 11 of 56 units have leases signed after a week of leasing. The building is even having "unconventional" broker parties in the middle of the afternoon, according to a press release, "to accommodate the growing number of visitors hoping to view the building." Holy 2007! [CurbedWire Inbox]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT?The Curbed inbox wants to talk about FiDi, so talk about FiDi we will. Earlier this month we heard from a 90 Washington Street renter wondering about the relationship between rising rents and a newly-hired luxury attache. Now we hear from a renter with another 90 Wash complaint:

About 2 weeks ago, my building, 90 Washington Street?had passed a new policy. No one is allowed to leave keys with their doorman. This means anyone who has guests, house keepers, dog walkers would have to arrange to give them their keys some other way. I can't tell you what a huge inconvenience this has caused the residents. It's made A LOT of residents unhappy. After all we are paying for a doorman and being able to leave keys with them is a service they should provide. All doorman buildings I know have this policy. What are they going to say next? That we can't leave packages with them? What's going on over there? [CurbedWire Inbox]

40 Gold St Apartments

40 Gold St, New York, NY