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New Life in Williamsburg Casualty 50 North 1st Street?

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A construction accident?a roof and wall collapse?stopped work at 50 N. 1st Street back in 2009. Since then, we haven't heard anything out of the building, and the stop work order appears to still be in effect. The most recent transaction we see at the property is a lis pendens filing back in April?you do hate to see that. But a tipster living across the street has some intel that suggests the site is soon to see some action. The tipster writes, "Trucks have moved in and they are currently cleaning up the site. I spoke with a site supervisor this morning and they reported that the condo was bought by a new developer and construction is scheduled to resume this week. I've had to look at this eye sore from my house, so I'm excited to see the project get up and running." So are we, tipster, so are we. Anyone hear anything else?
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50 North 1st Street

50 North 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211