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Mystery of New Key Rules, Luxury Attaches Deepens in Midtown

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FINANCIAL DISTRICT/MIDTOWN WEST?The Curbed inbox has been busy today with e-mails from renters who, like yesterday's 90 Washington tenant, are no longer allowed to leave keys with the doorman. First up, we hear that the same thing is going on at 100 John Street. And at 260 West 54th Street, there's more than one parallel to 90 Washington. Take it away, tipster:

I'm a tenant at the Marc, 260 W. 54th St., also a Douglas Elliman building, for four years now. We too have recently been told we can't leave keys with the front desk, though that's now been amended to we can leave them with a Permission to Enter but for no longer a period than 2 weeks, and whoever picks up the keys can't return them to the front desk, they have to be left in the apt.
As at 90 Washington, the Marc also has a new luxury attache. So how's that going? Our tipster reports:

Our new luxury attache has been installed in the 10th floor lounge. I walked through the lounge last week with my niece and her friend, who were visiting. I was pointing out the amenities - the tv room, the breakfast room, and then took the girls out to the terrace; walked around the terrace and then back through the lounge. The attache sat at her desk, clicking away on her phone - never once looked up. Not when we walked through on our way out or on our way in. Not a greeting, not a "nice to meet you," not even a look.