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Inside a Rock Star's Revamped Bond Street Combo Condo

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A rock star's renovation on Bond Street: is there any sweeter combination of words in the English language? We think not. In the gallery above, photos from the redone unit #3AB at 1 Bond Street, renovated by the folks at nemaworkshop earlier this year. What the designers were going for:

Originally 2 separate apartments, the NY crash-pad for a rock star is in a landmarked building on Bond Street. The concept was to create an environment which was luxurious in materials yet informal in layout. The main living space contains the kitchen, the dining area, the living space and the library. The areas are distinct but they bleed together seamlessly in the open floor plan. The exhibits a supremely comfortable environment infused with an atmosphere of effortless cool.

So who's the rock star? A peek through public record shows that English musician Mike Rutherford bought the place for $5.03 million in 2008.
Here's the "before" shot:

And here's one from the in-between gutted stage:

· 1 Bond Street #3AB [StreetEasy]
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1 Bond Street

1 Bond Street, New York, NY 10002