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North Haven Floating Beds Now $1M More; No Pond Parking

The latest from Curbed Hamptons, our outpost on the East End?

1) This 7,500-square-foot spec house in North Haven started out asking $12.9 million in 2009, was asking $15.9 million a year later, and has now upped its price by $1 million. Hey, that's the going rate for floating daybeds these days.

2) East Hampton might take action to address the increasing complaints about noisy clubs in East Hampton and Montauk. State fire code restrictions on numbers of people indoors could be applied to outdoor spaces, too.

3) Speaking of neighbor complaints, folks who live near an access point to Georgica Pond have placed giant boulders along the side of the road to prevent people from parking there. The rocks are on private property, so the village can't do anything about it.

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