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Are These 12 Firms the Future of New York Architecture?

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Capital NY reports on a new book by Michael J. Crosbie that spins off the group of mid-century architects called the New York Five (Richard Meier, Charles Gwathmey, Peter Eisenman, John Hejduk and Michael Graves) and updates the moniker to a round dozen. So what's the big difference, besides seven additional members, fifty years, the rise of fall of Postmodernism, and a tendency to capitalize seemingly random letters? Writer Katharine Jose 'splains, sort of: "It's hard to explain exactly what the ethical sensibility of the Dozen is, but social responsibility is all over it, and 'pure' architectural theory, of the kind practiced by the Five, isn't."

The full list, illustrated in the gallery above:
· Studio S U M O
· Christoff:Finio Architecture
· Arts Corporation
· Della Valle Bernheimer (now Bernheimer Architecture)
· WORKac
· Architecture in Formation
· Andre Kikoski Architect
· Leroy Street Studio
· WXY Architecture

There's no visible aesthetic cord binding these projects or firms, and what they have in common is time, not taste. Jose writes: "The lack of explicitness is not just a feature of the book. It's a feature of the generation of architects he's writing about." If that sounds slippery, it is! Our question is: will these architects be canonized in 2060, like Meier and Eisenman are now? Or do all those abbreviations and capital letters spell out a more egalitarian future for architectural legacy?
· Introducing the New York Dozen [CapitalNY]