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Is Andre Balazs About to Take Over the Cooper Square Hotel?

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Hotelier Andre Balazs has been linked to a few big-name projects lately, from the Hotel Chelsea to JFK's Terminal 5. Neither of those has panned out for Balazs, but here's another possibility: the Cooper Square Hotel. Hotel Chatter hears a rumor that Balazs could take over the hotel as soon as September 1. The staff seem to have gotten wind of something going on?the tipster tells Hotel Chatter "few [know] of the details or the new owner's name. Deal is done, pending signatures and transfer of operating funds as of 8/31." The hotel gave only a "no comment," but the place has been on the market (with its eye on high end hoteliers willing to pay more than $80 million) since May. Anyone know anything else?
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