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Check Out This Wacky Bicycle Storage Above East 9th Street

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In honor of the final weekend of Summer Streets, the urban experiment where vehicles are banished for miles on end and folks are encouraged to skate, walk and bike along a car-free Park Avenue, we draw your attention to a collection of two-wheeled transport hanging high above Astor Place. An emporium of a dozen or so bicycles displayed in two neat rows across an upper terrace on East 9th Street near Fourth Avenue, and inside is a wee penthouse sporting outdoor spaces facing south and west, the latter one now overflowing with velocipedes.

That scant amount of interior space (just 700 square feet of open living with one bed and one bath) might explain why the terrace has been transformed into a high elevation storage area. But how many bike-riding undergrads can cram into a cozy 1-bedroom? Perhaps this is home to a bicycle repair person, and what's presented outside are the fruits of hard labor, or just the perch of an avid cyclist. Yet the rental listing announces that this building is absent an elevator, and billed as a big bonus: "Note: This is a 4-FL walk-up; The small exercise is totally worth it!" Totally! Even better if you load a bike or three atop your shoulders, and lug them up all those stairs. 'Tis an East Village mystery. (Anyone deeply familiar with unit #PH at 105 East 9th Street encouraged to write in.)
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