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Buy a Kensington Apartment, Get a 2002 Hand-Me-Down Hyundai

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Cars aren't new in the annals of NYC new development door prizes. There were the Audis at One Brooklyn Bridge Park, and much more recently, vintage vehicles at Chelsea's Carriage House. Brooklyn homeowner Gary Parker has merged these two ideas?Brooklyn apartments; old cars?together into one special incentive: a free 2002 Hyundai Electra, 79,000 miles young, for whoever purchases Parker's 1BR co-op in Kensington. "It would certainly be different," the apartment's broker told Parker, comparing it to other recent throw-ins like a free iPad or a pair of World Cup tickets. Yep, different's the word. The apartment's listing, the Times points out, mentions the car but gives no details. The ask is $298,000, plus $100/month for the parking space.
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