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Boerum Hill Parking Lot Will Become Phase II of Townhouse Project

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The Rogers Marvel Architects-designed 14 Townhouses project in Boerum Hill was rather happily (for new construction) accepted in the neighborhood. So out of all the arrested boom-time developments planning comebacks, we're perhaps least surprised to see the next phase of the townhouse project on the list. Brownstoner notices that permits have been filed for that second phase: nine more townhouses, each 4,300-5,100 square feet, on the corner of Hoyt Street. The Rogers Marvel Architects website estimates completion of Phase II in 2012. The homes in the first phase all sold for between $2 million and $3 million in 2005, and even the resales have been impressive. Price predictions for Phase II?
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14 Townhouses

267-287 State Street, Brooklyn, NY