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Bed-Stuy Townhouse Says "What the Hell" And Asks Nearly $2 Million

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Imagine our reaction when we saw this listing for 33 Claver Place hit the market, asking $1,850,000 for all 4,400 square feet of Bed-Stuy goodness. The place is marketing itself as being a live/income property currently configured as four units, but the listing touts the potential of an owner's duplex. The building actually appears to be in pretty good condition, but even with the place generating enough rent to pay off the mortgage the asking price is a tough pill to swallow. Then again, it's pretty close to the Clinton Hill border so we're not talking deep into the Stuy here. But, still. It feels like the mid-2000's all over again doesn't it?

· Listing: 33 Claver Place [Halstead]