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Hotel Americano: Arty, Boozy, Swagged Out in Chelsea

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CHELSEA—More from the pipeline on the new Hôtel Americano in Chelsea, including amenity deets that re-affirm its positioning as a clubhouse for the art elite. Urban Daddy reports that the hotel is taking reservations as of September 5, and it sounds rather cozy: a sleek concrete-clad basement bar, a lounge swagged out in cowhide, a private stock of imported mezcal, and, come winter, an "alpine grill with an oversized hot tub." [CurbedWire Inbox]

Urban Daddy reports: "Check into one of the Asian-inspired rooms (the suites look like giant bento boxes) with bedside barbecues (okay, they’re fireplaces)."

Monolithic picnic benches: so chic!