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Greenpoint's Under-the-Radar, "Industrial Chic" Hotel

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The Box House Hotel isn't billing itself as "a hotel in your traditional sense" (a good thing, considering its, ahem, lobby), but its short-term rental "designer loft apartments" in far, far Greenpoint are bright and nice. The four units are located on the top floor of a warehouse at 77 Box Street, in plain view of the Pulaski Bridge and, as New York Shitty points out, a DOT facility, an auto parts store, the superfund-ed Newton Creek, and a 200-bed homeless shelter. Rates start at $525 for a 3-night weekend stay, up to $1500 per week for the 2-bedroom suite. As for that pesky transportation problem: they will rent you a bike, but you can call your own car service, dammit.
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