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Checking on the Resale Market at 'Burg Sensation Mason Fisk

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The designers of Williamsburg's Mason Fisk, the Meshberg Group, already have a new project ready to go at 174 Jackson Street, but for those who prefer the slightly older and more proven among Williamsburg condos?there's a Mason Fisk resale on the market! The building did surprisingly well, considering the recession, the first time around, so how's it hoping to do on take two? Even better! Apartment 2E, which sold in 2009 for $475,000, now wants $599,000.

Our only hint as to whether it will get that price lies upstairs with unit #5B. That apartment, which sold for $780,000 in 2009, hit the market asking $895,000 in May. It resold in July for $906,000, so Mason Fisk's still got it.

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Mason Fisk

72 Berry Street, Brooklyn, New York