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Restoration a Go at Paris-Inspired Kings Theater in Flatbush

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The $70 million restoration of Loew's Kings Theater on Brooklyn's Flatbush Avenue is on: architects are on-site this week to survey the property, determining what of the interior's ornamental details can be saved. ACE Theatrical Group out of Houston is managing the restoration project and will take over the lease in 2012, eventually organizing the programming for what is intended as a 3,200-seat entertainment complex. Project architect at Martinez + Johnson Architecture explains, "We're trying to replace the engine... but keep the soul of the building."

· The Flatbush movie house was one of five 'Wonder Theaters' built by Loew's from 1929 to 1930 and was modeled in the French Baroque style after the Paris Opera House and the Palace of Versailles.
· It was designed by architects Rapp & Rapp—"the foremost theater designers at the cusp of the Jazz Age" who also designed the Paramount Theater in Times Square
· The last film shown at Loew's Kings was in August, 1977: "Islands in the Stream"
· Barbra Streisand and Sylvester Stallone both worked there.
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