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Latest Apthorp Flip Attempt Asks $5.25 Million One Year Later

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We were becoming concerned: we haven't seen a major flip attempt at the Apthorp since February. But there's a new one on the market as of this week, so all is well at our favorite troubled Upper West Side classic. The potential flip is #11C, and as with most Apthorp resales, its listing history is?intriguing. The place sold in September 2010 for $3,851,021, or $1,242/square foot?after initially being listed for $15.5 million. Smells like an insider discount! It's not an uncommon Apthorp strategy, and here's the second piece of it: the apartment is back on the market for $5.25 million. Take a look in the gallery above.
· Listing: The Apthorp - 390 West End Avenue [Sotheby's]
· 390 West End Avenue #11C [StreetEasy]
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Apthorp Building

390 West End Avenue, New York, NY 10023