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740 Park Gets Another Quiet Listing, This One for $29 Million

740 Park Avenue is enough of a real estate alternate universe that we won't attempt to use it as a bellwether for Manhattan's high-end market. Still, any new listing in the building gets our attention, especially since most of them are quiet, officially unofficial listings. The Post has a new one: a 17th-floor, nine room apartment owned by Gregory Fischbach. The video game company founder?whose current project is a startup "offering software that enables users to edit themselves into movie clips"?paid $6.3 million for the apartment in 1994. He now wants $29 million.

Given the hush-hush nature of the listing, there are, of course, no interior pics or floorplan. And we can understand why Fischbach would want to keep things quiet: given the upscale nature of 740 Park, the embarrassment factor for an unsold listing must be fairly high. Take #4/5C, which has been on the market since August 2008. It started out asking $35 million and is now holding strong at $23 million. Oof. Happy market-versary.
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740 Park Ave

740 Park Avenue, New York, NY