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$18 Million Tribeca Penthouse Is, As Expected, Enormous and Fancy

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We wrote about the $18 million penthouse at 200 Chambers a few weeks ago, in awe at its square footage (4,700) and provenance (a dead Italian billionaire customized it to the hilt and never moved in). Platinum Properties invited us over for a look-see and we can confirm that combined penthouse units C, D, and E are indeed large and in charge.

Picture the kind of apartment that Batman (played by Christian Bale) would live in: meticulously sound-proofed, noiseless temperature and light controls at the touch of a keypad in each room, a sealed-off kitchen with no windows that only a caterer would use. Not to mention the custom artwork nooks, a mother-of-pearl plaster finish on an accent wall in the foyer, and enough acoustics to drown out a discotheque, ja? Broker Daniel Hedaya tells us that he's had nine showings this summer and that the hefty pricetag means "buying time," as in not spending two years on a renovation after purchase. You have to wonder though, is this billionaire's vision of Tribeca livin' every billionaire's vision?
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200 Chambers Street

200 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10282