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Eco-Architect Wants to Cover Navy Yard Development with Fungi

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Architecture visionary Mitchell Joachim doesn't mind the thought of developing Brooklyn's Navy Yard, as long as it's covered in fungus. His "Super Dock” is a 12'x8' model proposing a futuristic science park for the site "merging architecture and land into the water" with buildings topped by fungi that blend into an wave-like landscape.

The Terreform ONE designer (named one of the "15 People the Next President Should Listen To” by Wired) focuses on ecological design, which means a lot of time thinking and building models, not submitting proposals for say, Bloomberg's planned tech campuses on Roosevelt Island, Governor's Island, and the Navy Yard. So will it ever get built? Unlikely, though his concerns are more academic than pragmatic. Joachim tells Brooklyn Daily: "'We’ll come out with some very strong opinions after our research is finished."
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