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FXFOWLE Hudson Yards Tower Put on Burner for 7 Train Extension

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We like to check in with our skyscraper thread friends every so often and this week, rendered rumors have been flying in regards to The GiraSole, the FWFOWLE-designed tower slated for the Hudson Yards and first projected for completion in 2011. Not so fast! The firm's website puts the date at 2013 and debuts the shiny tower's new, stately, and as-yet nonexistent moniker: 3 Hudson Boulevard. A spokesperson for developer Moinian Group clears a few things up for us about that timing:
"This development site is currently being net-leased by the Hudson Yards Development Corporation as a construction staging area for the MTA’s extension of the #7 subway line, which is now expected to be completed sometime in late 2013 or early 2014. The developer entered into a seven-year lease with them for this use back in 2007. They have been working very closely with the MTA and when the extension is completed the site will be well-positioned to begin development of 3 Hudson Blvd., which will have direct access to the subway. Current projections are for construction to begin soon after the subway extension is complete, most likely in 2014, with completion expected in 2016."
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