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'Burg Karl Fischer Building Lets It All Hang Out; More!

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WILLIAMSBURG?A tipster passed along the above photo of the Hot Karl Finger of Humboldt, the troubled building that was scheduled for bankruptcy auction back in July. "Worst building damage I've seen so far," the tipster writes, "and it looks like it's from bad construction more than Irene." We don't have a before shot, but a second neighborhood tipster agrees that the damage doesn't have much to do with our weekend visitor. [CurbedWire Inbox]

LONG ISLAND CITY?Via TF Cornerstone's Flickr stream, we have a construction update on 45-40 Center Boulevard, part of the 3,200-apartment East Coast project. When completed, the building is slated to have 345 rental units. When not yet completed, it looks, well, like this.