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Hello Living in Prospect Heights Re-Markets, Dumps Developer

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The shenanigans of the "urban kibbutz" residential building at 904 Pacific Street have simmered down enough to warrant new marketing and a new, staid moniker. The Collection, architect-ed by PassivHaus promoters Loadingdock5 Architecture, has engaged to promote seven listings, all pricechopped $100,000 across the board. The 2-bedroom, 3-bath unit #102, which features 25-foot ceilings and a garden, is asking $775,000 down from $899,000 in May. A similar unit on a different floor (#301) is asking $695K down from $799,000. The track record for the budget 1-BR, 1.5-BA unit at #201 isn't quite as stable: the old listing with Aguayo & Huebener bounced from $425,000 to $399,000 and back; the current ask is $439K.

The last we heard from the former Hello Living complex was in 2010, when developer Eli Karp got sued by a group of investors who claimed Karp had no authority to close initial sales in the building. He's since been removed from the project.
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The Collection

904 Pacific Street, Brooklyn, NY