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Norman Foster's Bowery Box Sues Neighbor for Throwing Poop

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What could be worse than a Times art critic trashing Norman Foster's Sperone Westwater Gallery? The neighbor trashing it?literally! The gallery has filed a lawsuit against neighbor 259 Bowery, alleging that 259 owner Charles Saulson threw a turd onto the terrace of the gallery. Saulson is no big fan of the gallery, because he believes it's 4.8 inches over his property line and caused a (pre-Irene) leak in his basement. In addition to the turd-throwing, the gallery claims Saulson tore some of the black aluminum sheeting off the building and shoved two-by-fours into the gap instead. The two sides are currently arbitrating; in the meantime, perhaps Saulson would like to redirect his turd-throwing energy toward Hot Karl? For other interested parties, poop throwing opportunities at 259 Bowery will cost ya $4.995 million.
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Sperone Westwater

257 Bowery, New York, NY 10002