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WTC Memorial Trees Unscathed After Hurrican't Irene

Rest easy: the 225 five-year-old Swamp White Oak trees at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum site were saved from the wrath of Irene, the not-quite-hurricane that freaked out New Yorkers in advance of its soft landing this weekend. The Observer reports that the World Trade Center construction site is "remarkably unscathed," with trees intact and little flooding below ground. 90 West Street fared slightly worse though pumps are already working to remove basement overflow.

Curbed contributor Pete Davies reports:
"I took a walk down around the WTC site late yesterday afternoon and scoped out the site from various angles, and saw no damage. They were pumping water up and out at two points along Vesey Street: 2 WTC site and between PATH Station & 7 WTC, the last caused them to block off Vesey to pedestrians along the south side of 7WTC. Happily all else looked good." Memorial foundation president Joseph Daniels actually credits the storm with getting the WTC site crew's collective ass in gear: “All the preparations we did in preparing for the storm actually helped prepare us for the opening, like removing excess equipment and temporary fencing that had been surrounding the pools."
· Clear Skies for 9/11 Memorial: Hurricane Irene Actually Helped Ground Zero [Observer]