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August State O' The Market: Slight Upgrade in Market Confidence

As we slog through the dog days of August in anticipation of the fall sales season, it's time to ponder the questions facing the city's real estate market. Though the map of stalled construction sites is looking pretty blue with 650 sites listed this summer, that number is down from its peak (710 last November). On a nationwide scale, home prices and mortgage applications are on the uptick. And with a dash of renewed market confidence, we're witnessing quite a few renewed developments of late: Rogers Marvel-designed townhomes in Boerum Hill, Karl Fischer in the East Village, several Tribeca condo buildings including the some starchitecture at 56 Leonard, an entire high-rise corridor in Midtown, and a pope hat for Flatiron. We want to know what projects are cooking in your neighborhood and what you think will make a comeback, 2012-style. Our crystal ball is a bit dusty, so we turn to you, Curbed readers: thoughts and predictions in the comments, if you please!
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