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Tim Burton Plus Jules Verne Equals One Neon Steampunk Apartment

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"At least they're honest," writes the tipster who called our attention to this listing at 120 West 29th Street. We'd be a little more generous: the apartment actually has some of the most intriguing brokerbabble we've seen in a while. Here, take a look:

This apartment is simply surreal, with a Jules Verne meets Tim Burton sensibility. This home is an incredible journey starting as you walk through the front door, which has been remodeled to resemble a submarine. The distinctive features within the home, from the pulleys and antique pipes, to the miniature planes and huge old wooden casts, have been individually hand-picked and are mired with history.
The Chef’s kitchen is equipped with high-end appliances and impeccable finishes abound to compliment this one-of-a-kind apartment, from antique wrenches and tools designed as cabinet handles to the inescapable technicolored zeppelin that suspends across 32-feet of the apartments ceiling. Inescapable indeed! For fans of the neon steampunk aesthetic?and after seeing these listing pics, we might count ourselves among them?the apartment is asking $1.75 million.
All photos by Rich Caplan for CORE.
· 120 West 29th Street #2 [StreetEasy]