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Faye Dunaway Can't Catch Break on Less-Than-Glamorous UES Pad

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Holy mother of celebrity tips: this morning the Times covers case No. 76667/11 in Manhattan housing court, also known as the time Faye Dunaway's landlord tried to kick her out of a rent-stabilized 1-BR on the Upper East Side. A tipster writes in with the actual address, between 1st and 2nd Avenues on East 78th Street, and a shot of the buzzer with Dunaway's name for unit #10.

According to court papers, Dunaway's son has been living on and off in the $1,048.72 a month walk-up, which the actress first rented in 1994. The paper of record makes sure to point out that the far UES tenement building is a "vast departure from the 20th-floor apartment she inhabited at the Eldorado earlier in her career. That apartment, one of the first projects completed by Gwathmey Siegel, in 1969, featured curved walls and mirrored doors." Neighbors also take their digs at the 70-year-old Dunaway, reporting that they don't see her much and that "She’s not that glamorous person everybody saw in the movies. We were surprised that she lived here in the first place."

Another telltale sign? Dunaway's Twitter account lists her location as "West Hollywood."
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