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Hotel Williamsburg Launches Faux-Aged Website, Opens Resys

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Sister blog Eater NY was tipped off to the new/faux-aged website for Hotel Williamsburg and it is so hip it hurts. We're talking "complimentary vinyl library and 'vintage style' record players in the rooms, magnums of Brooklyn Brew at the Watering Tower Rooftop Bar, coffee from 'the oldest family-owned artisan coffee roaster' in New York at the lobby cafe, spiked punch at the Swim Club, New York 'neighborhood food' at the restaurant Pillar & Plough," and artisanal cocktails, obviously.

The hotel, as noted yesterday, is open for reservations as of October, and the booking calendar is pretty green save for one weekend mid-month. (Party? Canwecome?) The following weekend shows rooms with queen-size beds for $255-$298, and another king-size one for $275, with midweek rates around $20 higher on average. Last we checked, that is distinctly less than either the Ace or the Standard, and oh-so-much closer to this Bedford Avenue we keep hearing about.
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