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Crain's Assembles All Manners of NYC Data Into Handy Microsite

Crain's New York isn't just in the business of business; it's in the business of data! Collating all the mortgage rates and density charts and employment percentages into neatly organized categories, Manhattan design firm North Street Creative is behind a new section on the Crain's site called City Facts.

The borough view feature breaks it down by nabe, telling us, for example, that Brooklyn accounts for one-third of the city's foreclosures, while The Bronx "has one of the highest percentages of Hispanic-owned businesses nationally but it also has the highest unemployment rate in the city." Manhattan, unsurprisingly, weathered the recession better than its four outlying boroughs: it boasts the "highest increase in median household income" and has the lowest unemployment rate in the city.

"Brooklyn has the largest population among the boroughs, accounting for 31% of New York City residents."

The data micro-site covers a broad range of topics, but you can also search infographics by, say, Residential Real Estate, analyzing the price differential between condos and co-ops and the macro level of home ownership.
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