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Are All Renovations to This UWS Penthouse Doomed?

We know 37 Riverside Drive mostly as the home of RoboCop, but actor Peter Weller isn't the building's only notable resident. The building's penthouse was home to Robert and Kathleen Durst until the latter's disappearance in 1982?and that was just the beginning of the apartment's troubled history. Why is it getting the Times treatment now? There's a lawsuit:

Robert and Champa Weinreb spent $2.75 million on the apartment in 2005, planning to renovate the place just as its previous two owners, Durst and Joel S. Goor, had attempted to do. Six years later, the Weinrebs still haven't managed to get board approval for their proposed demolition and reconstruction?as a one-floor apartment with its own heating system?leading them to sue the board (and several individual board members). The suit against the individuals has already been dismissed; the one against the board as a whole is still winding its way through the courts. The board argues the Weinrebs never submitted their final plans, but can't we all just agree the place is cursed?
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37 Riverside Drive

37 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10023